Barfield Aviation Analyzers

Trying to Implement Proactive Maintenance ?

Having the right set of analyzers to perform proactive maintenance has been proven to reduce cost. The Ground Support Test Equipment group at Barfield manufactures and distributes the tools aviation maintenance needs.

Barfield L:ine Maintenance

Test Navigation

Test coaxial cables and antennas, from avionics bay; minimizing uncertainty of No Fault Found LRUs.

IFD - 256 Voyager - Barfield Inc - Universal Synaptics

Troubleshoot Harnesses

Find No Fault Found in complex harnesses, like engines bundles testing each point simultanesoulsy.

Fluke Test Equipment

Take Thermal Images

Tracking data by taking thermal imaging of engines, IDGs, heat exchangers etc., prevents costly damages.


Test Pitot-Static Systems

Test aircraft pitot-static systems from a tablet using a patented direct-Wifi connection from the cabin.