Electrostatic spraying is a technology widely used in the agricultural industry to spray vegetables and fruits killing bacteria and preventing viruses. Similar technology is being used in the health industry to disinfect hospitals.

The current pandemic has put us into a position to search for solutions used in other industries and find its way into aviation.

The principle of electrostatic spraying is to charge positive particles of disinfectant or antivirals to uniformly cover areas at a fast pace. 

Images from our partner On Target Spray Systems and Barfield

The unit uses an air pump that combined with an electrostatic charge, charges droplets positively that gets attracted to negative surfaces, wrapping around objects.

Electrostatic Sprayer On Target Barfield Before
Electrostatic Sprayer On Target Barfield Unit on
Electrostatic Sprayer On Target Barfield Unit on

Compressor ON

Electrostatic OFF:

Tip Dry

Electrostatic ON:

Tip Wet

Aviation operations, including Airports MROs, FBOs could speed up the disinfection process and the application of new antivirals with lasting efficacy. 

The video explains how electrostatic spraying works


This is a picture of the equipment used to do demonstration

Electrostatic Sprayer On Target Barfield image

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