DPS1000 Barfield[/caption]The Aerospace Maintenance Competition is back in 2023, and this time Barfield will be participating with the following benches.

Find below information to prepare you for the competition.

Air Data Testing

DPS1000 Barfield


For Air Data Testing participants will be working with a  DPS1000. The The DPS1000 is Barfield’s latest fully automated, user-friendlyRVSM compliant air data test set. The DPS1000 performs altimeter and static systems tests and inspections. Critical components used in the DPS1000 have a well established history of proven flight line accuracy including pumps, valves and static/altitude transducers.

Check the DPS1000 procedure here

Intermittent Fault Detector

IFD - 256 Voyager - Barfield Inc - Universal Synaptics Small 2

Avionics technicians often are faced with the uncertainty when troubleshooting to decide where the root of the problem is loicated in complex wire harnesses.

Barfield in partnership with Universal Synaptics, the industry leader in detecting and isolating elusive intermittent faults, will have a bench to troubleshoot with IFD-512.

These are some articles and training videos that help understand the use of this tool: