How Electrostatic Spraying Works?

How Electrostatic Spraying Works?

Electrostatic spraying is a technology widely used in the agricultural industry to spray vegetables and fruits killing bacteria and preventing viruses. Similar technology is being used in the health industry to disinfect hospitals.

The current pandemic has put us into a position to search for solutions used in other industries and find its way into aviation.

The principle of electrostatic spraying is to charge positive particles of disinfectant or antivirals to uniformly cover areas at a fast pace. 

Images from our partner On Target Spray Systems and Barfield

The unit uses an air pump that combined with an electrostatic charge, charges droplets positively that gets attracted to negative surfaces, wrapping around objects.

Electrostatic Sprayer On Target Barfield Before
Electrostatic Sprayer On Target Barfield Unit on
Electrostatic Sprayer On Target Barfield Unit on

Compressor ON

Electrostatic OFF:

Tip Dry

Electrostatic ON:

Tip Wet

Aviation operations, including Airports MROs, FBOs could speed up the disinfection process and the application of new antivirals with lasting efficacy. 

The video explains how electrostatic spraying works


This is a picture of the equipment used to do demonstration

Electrostatic Sprayer On Target Barfield image

Do you want to learn more about it?

Click here to check the videos and technical specifications

How Airlines Are Testing Aircraft to Bring Them Back to Service

How Airlines Are Testing Aircraft to Bring Them Back to Service

A few months ago  we had shared a document of How Airlines Were Speeding Up Aircraft Turnaround Time. We are bringing back this topic back  as airlines are using the Frequency Domain Reflectometer called the FlightHawk to test antennas and coax cables to bring aircraft back to service. 

We published this document highlighting 3 easy steps:

3 Easy Steps - Barfield

1. Select Mode Automatic or Manual

Frequency Domain Reflectometer - Boeing App Step1 - Barfield

2. Pick Aircraft Type and Navigation System

Frequency Domain Reflectometer - Boeing App Step2 - Barfield

3. Test: Pass or Fail

Frequency Domain Reflectometer - Boeing App Step3 - Barfield
Barfield to Distribute On Target Spray System’s Electrostatic Cart in New Agreement

Barfield to Distribute On Target Spray System’s Electrostatic Cart in New Agreement

AFI KLM E&M American Subsidiary comes into an agreement with On Target Spray System to distribute its state-of-the-art Electrostatic Cart to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Paris, Amstelveen, Miami, July 2020 – Barfield Inc., a subsidiary of Air France KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) in the Americas, will now distribute the Electrostatic Cart from On Target Spray System, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Electrostatic Cart 3D wraparound technology is three times faster than fogging and provide uniform coverage of all surfaces.

On Target Spray System’s Electrostatic Cart offers a readily solution in a time when disinfecting has become the norm and organizations need the most effective tool to help keep people healthy and safe. “We are very excited to partner with On Target Spray System as part of our strategy to create solutions for our customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life and the Electrostatic Sprayer is here to ensure peace of mind wherever we go,” says Herve Page, Chief Executive Officer of Barfield.

The Electrostatic Cart comes with roller cart and an On Target wrap around patented technology designed to be cost effective and save customers time. The Cart is built in the United States for heavy duty work and has robust air compressors designed to disinfect any aircraft cabin interior as well as exterior.

“We value our partnership with Barfield as their support will help the Electrostatic Spray reach a wider audience outside our traditional industry. Barfield’s 75 years reputation and continued excellence in customer service allows to trust them with the vision of this product,” says Willie Hartman, President of On Target.

About Barfield Inc.

Barfield consists of 500 employees across its facilities in Miami, Phoenix, Louisville and Atlanta. With its leading facilities, Barfield can satisfy the needs of customers operating commercial or regional fleets in North, Central and South America. From MRO Services to Distribution and Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE), Barfield provides complete tailor-made support programs for A320 family, 737, Bombardier, Dash 8, ATR 42 & 72 and Embraer 170 & 190 aircraft to operators in need of inventory and logistics solutions, repair management programs, engineering and fleet support, and component reliability management. Barfield is part of the AFI KLM E&M network, a major MRO provider. To find out more about electrostatic sprayering check this site:

About On Target

On Target was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Mt. Angel, Oregon. The company has focused solely on electrostatic spray technology for agriculture. On Target offers 40 sprayer models for 14 crop

segments in 10 countries. On Target made a quick pivot to offer new models to battle COVID and help keep people safe.


Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance is a major multi-product MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) provider. With a workforce of over 14,000, AFI KLM E&M offers comprehensive technical support for airlines, ranging from engineering and line maintenance to engine overhaul, aero structure and fan thrust reverser support, as well as the management, repair and supply of aircraft components, structured around a powerful logistics network. AFI KLM E&M supports almost 2,000 aircraft operated by 200 major international and domestic airlines. or